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Morelia Mexico


The Spanish Virrey Don Antonio de Mendoza founded the city of Morelia back in 1541, calling it "Valladolid" after the city of the same name in Spain. In tribute to the national hero Don Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon, leader of the movement for the national independence from the Spanish kingdom, the city was later renamed "Morelia."

The capital of Michoacán, Morelia is one of the two hundred cities named Cultural World Heritage sites, because the preservation of its character and charms reveal the exceptional levels of mankind's creations. Morelia is also a modern city, with night clubs, theaters and "peñas", multicultural performing arts centers, alive with music and locals favorites. Convention and meeting facilities, accommodations, and easy access compliment its business infrastructure. Its Convention Center features a planetarium and an orchidarium, noteworthy for an impressive collection of species.

Morelia's zoo has one of the largest collections of animal life in Latin America, including several endangered species. Within the zoo are attractions for family entertainment including boats, train tours, horses, small restaurants and a
picnic area.

Modern shopping centers in Morelia include Plaza Morelia, Plaza Fiesta Camelinas, and Plaza Las Americas. Megastores such as Costco, Walmart, and Home Mart and fast food restaurants like McDonald's, Burger King complete the picture.

The weather is very nice! Here is a link to the current forecast for the Morelia area. It is interesting to click on the average temperature tab and note the moderation that being at the 6700 foot  elevation of the Santa Maria mountain range causes.    MSN weather for Morelia

For an even better idea of the beauty of the area, a 6 minute video about Morelia is available. It's produced as a promotional  video by the Mexican Office of Tourism and well worth the watch  Morelia Video

and here are four more very well produced videos that give you an idea about why Connie and I like the area so much.

Morelia Video One
Morelia Video Two
Morelia Video Three
Morelia Video Four

Below are three high resolution photographs taken from the roof! Click each one to see the incredible detail and beauty of the city of Morelia.

Here's a picture taken on my last dive off the west coast of Mexico. It's just a short drive from Morelia.

While in the dive boat we had several dolphins follow.





click any picture to enlarge

Here's Connie at the Santuario de Sierra Chincua butterfly sanctuary .. note the Monarch butterflies in flight.

Click here for information on the migration of the Monarch.

Here is the ham shack in Morelia.

The beauty of a Mexican sunrise from the ham shack.

Dash came along this trip and has some new friends.

He found a human friend too!

Making real Mexican tortillas!