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Ham Shack


Ham Shack



Operating Desk

This is the main operating position in the W9AD ham shack. On the left is the audio rack, where it all begins. Audio from the Neumann M147 and TLM103 microphones first visits the PreSonus MP20 preamp. Audio is then routed to the Sony MXP29 console to allow microphone audio, or audio from other sources, to be selected. Microphone audio only is fed to the Rane ME30 for response shaping and then to the Aphex 250 to add presence. The CRL AGC400 evens out the levels prior to submission to the Orban 9200. The Orban adds many qualities to the audio that control loudness without increasing the bandwidth. It is used by many AM broadcast station for the same purpose.

Audio is then applied to the Flex SDR-5000A. The Flex radio is an advanced technology radio that uses a computer and software to generate the actual signal. To bring the signal up to usable level I select either the Henry 8K Ultra or the DX2400 Prometheus amplifier from Dishtronix and Mike Dishop N8WFF. 

The whole station can also be operated from my home in Mexico via the internet. Interconnection from Larry Phipps N8LP LP-Remote gear and software from Steve Nance K5FR, allows complete control remotely.

I carefully monitor station parameters. I use an Array Solutions PowerMaster to make sure that I am within FCC limits and an REA Modulation Monitor to keep from overmodulating. Bandwidth is controlled by the Orban and further set within the PowerSDR software of the Flex SDR-5000A.


Links to more information of the equipment and software that I use:

Flex Radio SDR-5000

Dishtronix Mike Dishop N8WFF

LP-Remote Larry Phipps N8LP

Array Solutions Power Master


This is what I strive for in audio performance! The power meter is showing a 1054 watt peak and the mod monitor indicates that the modulation peaks are hanging right up there near 100%. The Dorrough loudness monitor confirms that the density is high and that the dynamic range has been compressed to it's most effective point.

Here are some other pictures of the ham shack that you might enjoy.  If you click on any of the pictures, you will see a larger version of that picture in much more detail.






Two RCA ribbon microphones from my collection.

Dash intimidating the local deer population.

RF attracts huge birds. They have a party on the chimney near the hamshack often.

This is my broadcast microphone collection.